A Great Weapon Fighter


As far as he can remember Oxull’s existence started when he was 18. Anytime before that has been erased from his memory with no recollection. He is an extremely skilled fighter, knowing nothing but war and killing. Through out his life Oxull has went from battlefield to battlefield trying to figure out why he exists. Only his blade and sheer guts has kept him alive this long. Without hesitation he risks his life for his fellow warriors not looking at what could happen, but living in the now. He does not fear death, but embraces it with a shit-eating grin. He scoffs at enemies and strikes them down with his powerful great axe, taken from the slain body of an orc. Oxull awaits the next time the blade of his axe will sink into the skulls of his foes. Yearning for the spray of warm blood on his face as he forces the blade deeper into his enemy. Without a doubt Oxull is one human that should never be taken lightly.

He has joined forces with a motley group of warriors. Cleric, Rogue, and like him another fighter. He feels at home on the battlefield swinging his axe alongside Basiliske Wyrmstrome. With there axes burying deep in the enemies the cleric and rogue are there only for moral support. (props Bob)


Birthright Oxull