Undoing the Damage

All the wandering around finally caught up to the heroes when they wandered into a couple of darkened tunnels and had some runins with the local wildlife. Already weary from being lost the group engaged a few troglodytes in the narrow hallways of the underdark only to discover a dead end. Khazum invoked the Hand of Fate Ritual which helped them progress further but the adventurers stayed lost and ran into a few ettercap warriors. Fending off the webspinning of the humanoid spiders the group eventually found their way back to the waterfall. Investigating a hidden tunnel behind the falls, an over zealous and weakened Oxull, busts open an old chest only to discover the guardian of the chest, a large enchanted bear trap, had a vicious bite. A mighty blow inspired by Kord dropped some rubble and a choker down from the ceiling. Things started looking bad real fast. A little glimmer of hope appeared when the choker died but it quickly fizzled out when Oxull fell bloody and dying. After a long struggle without their mighty fighter the enchanted trap busted apart and even though he struggled, Khazum was able to stabilize his valiant ally. the group decided it best to take a long overdo rest before pressing onward in these mysterious and dangerous caverns known as the Underdark.



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