The Lord's Games Part II

As the slightly battered group of heroes await their next round of battle in the tiny room they were assigned to, they feel a familiar tingle starting at their toes and circling it’s way upward. The voice of Martin starts to become clear, although he still stumbles through their introduction, and they find themselves back in the arena. This time they are greeted by a warmer crowd but as they glance across the arena they set eyes on the new foe, Mammoth Shade.

Three huge ogres caked in gore move along the arena floor as two orcs adorned in robes ready dark magical energy to fire off as soon as the fight officially begins. Undaunted by these displays, our heroes move with great precision setting up tactical advantages. Ayri and Khazum Lightbeard move to the high ground to launch their ranged attacks on the dark orcs while Oxull and Basiliske Wyrmstrome assume battle stances for the fight with the large ogres. As the ranged fighters of of Kordz Killaz release strong attacks the mages retaliate quickly creating a swarm of shadow flies that plague the warlock and cleric. Our fighter moves in on ogre that wears knived gloves. The ogre dodges and answers back with two quick slashes across the chest of Oxull. When the ogre licks the blood from the blades the crowd goes wild!Basiliske Wyrmstrome releases his wolf and prepares to strike on one of the other ogres. The blow rings true and the third ogre winds up a swing on the supports of the central platform, knocking the warlock and cleric to their knees and causing major structural damage to the platform. Sensing the danger, our heroes exit the platform and rethink their tactics.

The battle rages and our heroes start to think they are terribly unmatched till Khazum Lightbeard discovers a a giant advantage, traps! Our heroes begin to use the traps of the arena to their advantage. Ogres fall into pits and land in bloody heaps. A shadow beasts rampages through the arena as the heroes step on the release plate. The tides turn as orc and ogre fall to the might of Kordz Killaz.

A victory in round two leads to another bonus round where our injured crew must use whatever means necessary to break through several large boards in a single blow. Oxull focuses his brute strength and Basiliske Wyrmstrome begin to harness his focus. Khazum Lightbeard says a prayer while Ayri cheats her way to success!

After the bonus round, the battered heroes struggle to regain their strength and patch their wounds when there is a knock on the door. A hurried guard wearing armor that is three sizes to big rushes in and starts spouting off warnings while he administers healing to everyone. He removes his helmet to get a better look at one of the cuts and the group is shocked to see the face of Luck. The group is baffled slightly but begin to think maybe Luck is on their side. The tingle starts again and the freshly bandaged heroes focus on the advice the mysterious Shortcloak gave them while pouring healing potions down their throat. They appear once more in the arena.

Martin almost gets the intro perfect this time and it is obvious the crowd has a new favorite. But as the introduction to the other team starts, our heroes find they are facing last year’s champions, a renowned group of murderous people know for their barbarism, The Speechless. Although intimidated Kord Killaz summon all their strength and the knowledge they have learned and prepare for a long fight.

The fight ends in a blur of magic and steel as our heroes step outside themselves and ascend to new heights of prowess. Every blow hits home. Every spell a direct hit. Every cheer of the crowd is met with another slash from the axe of Oxull. Every chant of “Kordz Killaz” recieves another burst of holy light from Khazum Lightbeard, and when the final Speechless hits the ground our heroes stand victorious. The incoherence of the crowd is in tongues. Undecipherable to any master of language.

One voice rises above the din and a light appears on the box where Lord Louis Flux rests. The Lord steps into the light and the heroes recieve their first glimpse of the man for whom they fight. Lord Louis Flux stands adorned in the finest silk dress. His makeup perfect. Hair curled. His deep voice sounds pleased with them but his request is resembles his clothes. Both are that of a madman and a sadist. He wishes to see who is the strongest of Kord Killaz and demands the members fight each other to the death. Upon refusal a mix of archers and mages ready their respective weapons targeted on our heroes. Lord Louis Flux’s scream echoes through the arena “FIGHT OR DIE!!!”

Oxull drops his weapon and crosses his arms. Basiliske Wyrmstrome and Khazum Lightbeard stand unsure of what to do. Ayri reacts by hurling dark energy directly into the head of Oxull. The stongest fighter on the field falls unconscious and the battle begins. With all the weapons becoming temporarily vampiric the battle is short lived. With Ayri on top. Royal healers revive the fallen. The insane ruler gayly claps his hands.

The team, now barely standing, is escorted back to their rooms in The Hog’s Wallow to recover and consider all that was revealed in The Lord’s Games. Is Ayri trustworthy? Is Lord Louis Flux anything more than a cross dressing sadist? Are The Shortcloak Troubadours friend or foe? The last question maybe answered soon as a knock at the window reveals Luck outside wanting to chat…


Finally…lol. I can’t wait until we continue Birthright again…Khazum shall not rest until evil is expunged from Braelin.

The Lord's Games Part II

its coming! i think you will enjoy a few of the twists and turns heading your way!

The Lord's Games Part II

Chants – “Update! Update! Update!” ……slacker…

The Lord's Games Part II

I would love to but something happened to my computer that effects all my icons on obsidian portal so its very annoying to use

The Lord's Games Part II

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