The Lord's Games

After being crowned the “Saviors of Winterhaven”, the group discovers the old helm they found in the gnomes cave is part of a set of enchanted armor that is being held in Calimport’s royal palace. How the ancient helmet escaped the from the biggest city in all of Braelin is a mystery to them, but they feel it should be returned to its rightful owner. So they make for the long road to Calimport.

A few days into their journey, their keen senses detect a disturbance in the forest. Upon investigating, they discover a large shirtless brute attacking a group of poor travellers. Our heroes charge in for the attack. Their cries make the barbarian beat a steady retreat as he runs off into the woods moaning incoherently. The grateful travellers introduce themselves as The Shortcloak Troubadours, an acting troupe. Although they haven’t any money they offer the adventurers all the food and drink they can handle and a performance. The show was to be a murder mystery and whichever of the heroes could solve the mystery would recieve a nice prize upon the morning. Basiliske Wyrmstrome was quick to solve the story. Then they all continued to drink till they passed out in a drunken stupor.

Our heroes wake up to a terrible hangover but are soon to find that is the least of their problems. The camp is abandoned and they have been robbed of everything. All except for Basiliske Wyrmstrome who was the winner of the story prize the previous night. The adventurers decide to track the Shortcloaks after Ayri used her magical prowess to reveal their hidden tracks which were leading to Calimport. Fueled with rage they set out on the road once again. Their travels prove much easier without the burden of heavy equipment.

The gate of Calimport are very busy and the market square is equally crammed. Shortly after their entrance a man selling tourist attraction maps cons them out of a few gold for his hand drawn map. Khazum Lightbeard sets out for the local Temple as the rest of the crew make for The Sceptre’s Handle an upscale hookah bar and hotel. Before they split a booth catches their eyes that is advertising The Lord’s Games. Oxull investigates and discovers a gladiator competition going on in honor of Lord Louis Flux, the ruling head of Calimport. Although currently unarmed the group enters the contest than continues their exploration of this bustling city.

Khazum Lightbeardreaches the local Temple of Kord to find one of the brothers of the temple, an elf named Brother Lute, locking it up. Lute tells the cleric that the temple is being closed for the night to avoid damage from warriors in town for The Lord’s Games that like to go there and defile the temple with the blood of unbelievers. Lute starts complaining about the High Priest of Battle Jareth who heads the temple devoted to the storm god of battle. Lute says Jareth wants to let everyone in to fight in the sacraficial battle circles regardless of belief. The bloodshed of unbelievers angers Kord but Jareth doesn’t seem to mind. Lute and Khazum Lightbeard set out for The Hog’s Wallow, the dirtiest and cheapest inn Calimport has to offer.

The rest of the group arrive at The Sceptre’s Handle to inquire about The Shortcloak Troubadours and are greeted by a cloud of sweet smelling smoke and a very light-headed Deva named Avati. Avati looks down on them and explains that his inn is for the upper class and they won’t really fit in. Through the haze of the smoke Avati does mention he has hear of the Shortcloaks but doesn’t know much else about them. He also points then to The Hog’s Wallow and says if they can get the guy that runs it arrested he wll let them in The Sceptre’s Handle.

Our heroes reunite at The Hog’s Wallow which is packed with all sorts of unsavory people. One of it’s patrons, a cloaked man playing solitaire, eyes Basiliske Wyrmstrome with a strange knowing look and a creepy smile. While Oxull and Ayri approach the barkeep, Khazum Lightbeard notices someone near the back that is hidden by a stack of books and decides to investigate.

The barkeep, a goliath named Ooglah the Mach,is rude at first but does soften a little until Oxull begins interrogating him about the Shortcloaks. Ooglah slams a fist down on the counter forcefully while shouting that “We don’t talk about them.” Ayri takes the reigns of the conversation back by setting up their rooms and meals.

Khazum Lightbeard discovers Martin behind the books. He appeared to be working feverishly on something but upon seeing a familiar face, Martin relaxes a little. He explains that he has an interview at The Cerullean Academy because of the work he has been doing with transfiguration. He has to present his experiments and needs a reference to get into the school. He immeadiately begs for you to put in a good word for him at the academy and in return he offers to be your herald at the games.

Basiliske Wyrmstrome has a seat with the mysterious hooded man that introduces himself as Luck. They start paying cards and having a little conversation when Luck reveals a tattoo of a small hood and says he is with The Shortcloak Troubadours. He tells you they need your help. They will give you your weapons and armor back if you promise to win The Lord’s Games. He says your weapons are located in the well in the residential district. The group reforms and relays their findings then sets off in the dead of night to find this well.

It is not to hard to locate. it is a large sculpture devoted to the god of civilization. Inspection of the well appears very curious. From the top it appears bottomless. The darkness within swallows light. It is very narrow with no visible way down so they bust out their trusty rope. As they descend things within the well change dramatically. The wells interior seems much larger once inside. The further you descend the brighter it gets and once at the end of the rope a ladder that stretches from top to bottom appears. Any novice mage can tell that strong magic inhabits this strange well. At the bottom, lies a chest that contained their armor and weapons that were stolen by the Shortcloaks. The only other feature is a caved in passage that doesnt seem very special.

Once armored up the group ascends the well and decides to rest up for the games. They go to bed with many questions about their first day in the big city of Calimport

The morning comes quickly and with a guard to lead them out to the arena at the palace. as the work their way through the many palace hallways they eventually find themselves alone with a guard in a small room that is explaining the rules of the game. He seems oddly friendly and occasionally leans in to give you hints. Before he leaves he says that he is rooting for you and is sure you will win the first round. Basiliske Wyrmstrome, reads between the lines and suggests that the guard is in league with the Shortcloaks. In no time, you teleport into a large arena with hordes of crazed fans. The heralds begin to announce and sure enough Martin mispronounces every word of your introduction. You find out that for the first round you have to fight The Birds of Prey, a group of bird like people and a human huntress.

The fight goes smoothly, with Oxull stacking the bodies as he fights and Khazum Lightbeard calling down holy energy. The crowd quickly falls in love with Ayri’s dark magics calling out her next victim. The fight ends quickly and the group earns a little bit of a fan following. After completing a hedge maze for a bonus round the group find themselves back in the small room patiently awaiting the next round of battle. This time they must fight a group called Mammoth Shade.



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