Gnomes and gnolls

after recovering from their last battle, our heroes find themselves back at the rebel camp. the camp is more lively and its inhabitants look upon the adventurers as heroes. small children are playing “Kords Killaz” and pretending to be their favorite members of the group. Oxull seeks out his admirer Emma Green. he promises to write her so she doesnt worry and after paying their respects to Turkish Gorham they set out on their way back to Winterhaven. early one morning while camping out by the river the group stumbles upon a decpitated head. upon further investigation they discover a destroyed elven campsite. the elves had been brutalized and strung up in demonic fashion the horror of which was too much for our adventurers. a group of hyenas were scavenging the remains of the murdered elves but quickly turn their attention to the heroes. however after a few well placed weapons strikes and a little eldritch mysticism the heyenas fall. inspection of the camp revealed multiple large pawprints heading north and a set of single small humanoid prints in the same direction. careful tracking brings the heroes to a cave entrance guarded by some gnolls and more hyenas. once the pet hyenas fall their gnoll owner flys into a rage and throws the sturdy dwarf cleric into a fire but the stalwart cleric proves to be too much for the gnolls. the cave entrance leads our heroes to an open room where two more gnolls appear to be camping in front of some strange wall. a battle naturally ensues. the adventurers think they have it all under control but a few careless mistakes by Basiliske and Oxull leave Khazum and Ayri open to an attack. to make matters worse a brazier gets tipped over by a magic force and ignites the cleric and the warlock in burn ing oil revealing a powerful gnome mage with power over the earth itself. Ayri knows now the taste of her own blood and Khazum smells his burnt beard hair once more. but with persaverance and a little luck they emerge victoriously. inspection of the back wall reveals a riddle: “in your patience possess ye your souls.” khazum cleverly suggests they camp out to show their patience and a day later the wall opens revealing a treasure trove full of gold, gems, a nail of sealing, and a mysterious old broken helm with bull horns. after loading their satchels with everything they could fit in them they hit the road to winterhaven once more and arrive their late at night only to discover the town involved in some huge ritual. a large group of Orcus worshippers and hypnotized townsfolk stand chanting in front of the onyx tower. the group decides it would be best to maybe set some traps and try to isolate smaller groups to fight. hopefully it is as easy as all that…



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