facing a titan

the strange smell turned out to be a large number of troglodytes. oxull carefully looked around and discovered some very serious traps. the battle was long and hard fought but in the end our heroes emerged victoriously. the next room held some strange pulsating eggs. oxull moved into destroy them only to become swarmed by kruthiks. the insects continuously bit and clawed and proved to be very strong for their small size and eventually their hard shells were cracked. there was a very large door and on the other side was something that no one expected. queylanna was mixing a strange elixir but proceeded to challenge our heroes. after summoning an earth titan and a galb duhr, she escaped using a magic portal. the titan started the fight strong by grabbing and crushing khazaam damaging his enchanted armor. the titan then threw the cleric into the fighter badly damaging the two adventurers. basiliske, in a brave act, took extra time to focus a ranged attack and discovered a weak spot on the titan. the fight was grueling but in the end all of the adventurers exploited the titans weakness and he crumbled before them. an inspection of queylannas lab revealed a portal seed and an evil recipe to control the will of people. sensing that the potion may have been used on the unsuspecting people of winterhaven, our group wondered what queylannas endgame might be. a quick toss of a portal seed opened an escape from these dark tunnels but dropped our heroes in the middle of the forest. looking for their next move, the group was jumped and knocked unconscious…



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