Culling the Herd Part III

as told by Oxull in an excerpt from a letter to Emma Green I got that going for me.

I just got done saving Winterhaven again. It was a dark and rainy night. All the townsfolk were possessed by something evil coming out of this tower. When we saw what was going on, that -stupid- cleric of ours ran into the fight and got himself swarmed by zombies. He was pretty much dead till my axe and I ran in and tore through the evil army. I ran in and saved his life while Ayri and Basiliske Wyrmstrome continued their attacks on the outskirts of the battlefield.

I threw the dwarf’s lifeless body over to Basiliske Wyrmstrome then i continued to swing till the only one left was this shapeshifter that use to give us jobs around town. He tried to pull some magic tricks on us but my axe was not fooled. He split into four people and I dropped every single one of ‘em except for one that ran away with his tail between his legs. After we saved the town and everything was back to normal the mayor awarded me the title of “Savior of Winterhaven”.

Anyways, back to you and I…



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