Culling the Herd part II

The group rushes to their warlord with questions of “are you alright?” With a gruff response of “Im fine” he pushes the group to take care of business but in his head he feels weak and his maul feels heavier than normal. With the town of Winterhaven cleared of any patrols the group investigates the local hunters guild and finds a beartrap. Taking it and the trap that took a bite out of their warlock they set a clever trap up in the local temple. With beartraps placed outside the stainglass windows they lure several of the cultist in the temple and force them to jump out the windows into the slathering teeth of the trap. The sound alerts a few more cultist which are more of the shadow walkers. the assassin disappears in the darkness as a fight ensues. Basiliske Wyrmstrome has trouble raising his weapon but quickly shakes off the weakness in his mind to pummel a cultist. As the warlord cast down his magical wolfbrother the two proceed to triple team their foes with the help of the mighty Oxull. The shadow walker appears and pierces his dark blade into the back of Khazum Lightbeard who falls without a chance to react. Ayri continues to launch eldritch energies at the shadow wolf as the warlord gives words of healing to his stalwart dwarf cleric. With Khazum Lightbeard back on his feet, he grips his holy symbol and launches some holy light at foes unseen only to taste the shadow blade of the assassin once more. Basiliske Wyrmstrome raises the cleric once more then proceeds to attack the shadow walker. The battle concludes but the warlord continues to be attacked by dark forces and unseen evils. The group decides to bandage their wounds and try the same attack plan again but make one fatal mistake. They forget to clear the battlefield. As the new onslaught of cultist and shadow walkers come t o the church they are clearly alerted by the bodies of their fellow darkfriends. The assassin spots the cleric and vanishes from sight. Another cultist flanks behind the Hunters guild. The battle plays out nearly identical to the previous one with Khazum Lightbeard falling down as Ayri launches dark spectral magic from the rim of the battlefield. The group manages to survive and decide a different plan of action is in order. after clearing the field of evidence and a quick inspection of the bodies they discover a magical sickle which the warlock pockets and find tattoos on the shadow walkers that reveal their origins as a dark cult that lives deep in the alternate realm known as the Shadowfell. This time the adventurerers decide to setup a net inside the temple and take down their foes in close quarters combat. As their enemies approach Khazum Lightbeard shouts a challenge and the clueless cultist fall prey as they charge in sight unseen into the net which Basiliske Wyrmstrome gathers swiftly. Quick thinking from Ayri and Oxull proves brilliant as the two place the beartraps for the next attack. With one trap in front of the door for the next wave and the other trap directly below the net this battle proved quick and effortless. Now Khazum Lightbeard turns his attention outside where all the villagers are in some sort of undead possession as the ritual comes to a close. With rain falling down in the moonlight the heroes decide one thing is for sure… this ends tonight!!!



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