A Step in the Right Direction

After recovering from the brutal attacks the day before, the group decided to cross the quick moing river to see what was through the tunnel on the opposite side. They stumbled into a small room full of the undead. A ghostly possession took control of the weak minded Oxull causing him to attack his bewildered allies. The outcome was looking grim till the ever faithful cleric stepped in with a prayer to Kord to turn the undead which eliminated most of the ghoulish zombies. Pressing onward through the tunnels a trap was triggered that sent a wave of spikes shooting up behind them and they nervously blazed the trail through the unknown caverns. Just when they thought they were safe from that trap, another was accidentally triggered releasing a large rolling stone barrelling towards them. The 2 battle hardened warriors were able to dive to safety but alas, the poor cleric was crushed into the wall. Fearing the worst, they pulled his lifeless body out from the massive stone and were able to revive him after a small struggle. They pressed onward and stumbled into a large temple full large humans and tricky mages. Our fearless heros were able to shut down the devilish ceremonies in the temple, but as they appraoched the final enemy she screams “for ”/campaign/4597/wikis/orcus" class=“wiki-page-link”>Orcus!!!" and quickly took her own life. Our adventurers then destroyed the sacrafices that were set out to the idols then destroyed the stone statues leaving the temple in complete disorder. After exiting, they were attacked by some large eyeless worms known as Gricks. The tactical worms put up a strong fight but were eventually dispatched with the help of Oxull who grabbed one and through it into the fast moving river. As they look to the next tunnel, a strange smell emerges…



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