A Rebel, A Warlock, A Doppelganger

After coming to, our heroes find they have been taken by a group of resistance fighters known as the rebels of the sacred heart. Led by Captain Turkish Gorham, the rebels have been fighting a church of heretics that has been posing as a non denominational church. The church has been brainwashing people to give all their money so they could perform a massive sacrafice ritual to bring Orcus to Braelin. The same ritual that Queylanna and Alaan are involved in. Our heroes decide to help the rebels in a giant raid planned for later that night. First, they explore the campsite to pick up some provisions and get some much neede repairs done to their equipment. Oxull finds a blacksmith named Mary Goldstone that repairs his weapon and makes a few jokes at his expense. The brave fighter also found a young girl from his past. Her name was Emma Green and he had rescued her many years ago. In gratitude, and maybe a little bit of love, she had made a gift for him. An enchanted cloak that can bring him back from the dead in battle. A fledgling mage named Martin, repaired Khazum’s armor, but didnt get it quite right and Basiliske found out he had picked an Onyx Wolfbrother statue that will fight beside him when he learns the magic to control it. Finally the rebels campsite provided a great ally. A tiefling warlock named Ayri that chose to accompany them on their journey. They met up with Turkish and set out on their mission. While travelling, Turkish revealed a banner his mother had made while held captive by the church. She died for the cause and Turkish had vowed to raise it when the church falls. Stalking through the night, proved challenging. After alerting some scouts and a short battle, the brave goup reached the tower only to be met by guard patrols and Orcus witchcraft in the form of magic gattling guns. THough most of the group cowered from the guns, Turkish stayed on the front lines. He fought bravely and strong, but in the end he fell. Khazumtook the banner and the group pressed on. The door into the tower proved very challenging but once it was breached our heroes encountered an army of heretics led by a previously unidentified priest now known to them s Alaron, one of Queylanna’s generals. The fight was heated and looked bad, when Alaron made a cocky manuever that proved to be his downfall. He teleported into the fray only to be met by a barrage of warlock magic and flurry of sword strikes from Oxull. Alaron collapsed in a bloodied heap. The enemies all dropped their weapons and begged for mercy which was given graciously. Khazum raised the banner and found a magic amulet, 1200 gold pieces, and runes that will create a powerful weapon if a ritual can be succssfully performed. HE also found a letter that points them to the Shadowfell. Upon releasing the captive rebels, a familiar face emerged from the prison. It was Avery, but after a little confusion and conversation the group discovered the man they know as Avery is most likely a doppelganger working with Queylanna. Even though the compass points them to the Shadowfell, it appears the work in Braelin is not quite finished. So our heroes set out once more on the long road to Winterhaven.



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